Saturday, February 6, 2010

day 37 :: bag contents

contents of my bag 6 Feb 2010


  1. Is that mini's in your bag ... great idea. Do want ;) gorgeous pics Sal. xo

  2. And I thought there was more in a ladies bag than that, have you just spring cleaned it?


  3. Balloons? That's something different.

  4. Balloons! Wonderful! Apart from that... you call that a handbag...?! Where are the receipts & random bits of paper..?! Where are all the 5 cent pieces & sultanas...?!

    Yes, I'm just jealous. What's it to you?! ;)

    Thanks for playing this week Sally!

  5. Nice picture. I need to go do some more lessons I think. Nice title too!
    Crackers are good! I had a little tupperware container with those too but that has been switched for the moment with sultanas! Tiny teddies might be the go next! lol
    OH & I like your bag! Tell me more!

  6. Like that you've got balloons there! Something a little different...

  7. I'd also like to know where all the rubbish that the rest of us might have in our bags! Something I aspire to. I really do.
    So I suppose you could always much away on the crackers in the breaks between blowing up the balloons! lol.
    Fabulous pics Sally! Hadn't even realised you had this blog. In the process of starting a similar one myself. :)

  8. There is no crap/rubbish in the bag because it is ransacked so often by Mr 3. I struggle to keep the things I want in there. There is usually a notebook but that appears to have gone walkabout.
    The balloons are to entertain whinging children when we're out and about... it buys quite a bit of time actually. The crackers are the emergency 'snacks' and serve a similar purpose.
    I am desperately trying to find a piece of material with the same blues as the piece I carry in my handbag... but no luck yet.

  9. Haha. It's very important to have balloons in your purse.